The Gulf Coast Chapter award for outstanding contribution to the scrap recycling industry was first awarded in 1984. In 1986, this award was named in memory of Israel Proler.


William Friedman Friedman Iron & Metal Co. Greenville, MS


Emanuel Bodner Bodner Metal & Iron Corp. Houston, TX


Israel Proler* Proler International Corp. Houston, TX


Jake Feldman Commercial Metals Co. Dallas, TX
  William A. Bushman* A. Tenenbaum Co., Inc. N. Little Rock, AR


Tom Salome M. Lipsitz & Company Waco, TX


Lee Hummelstein Hummelstein Iron & Metal, Inc. Jonesboro, AR
1990 Leon Galoob Interstate Metals Corp. Oklahoma City, OK
1991 Arnold Gachman Gachman Metals & Recycling Co. Fort Worth, TX
1992 Jack Goldin Goldin Industries, Inc. Gulfport, MS
1993 Melvin Lipsitz M. Lipsitz & Company Waco, TX
1994 Norman & Delores "Happy" Kramer Kramer Consultants, LLC Dallas, TX
1995 Alton S. Newell Sr. Newell Recycling Co. San Antonio, TX
1996 J.E. Duggan Duggan Industries, Inc. Dallas, TX
1997 Edwin O. Fulton Fulton Supply & Recycling, Inc. Denton, TX
1998 Bobby Jarvis Jarvis Metals Recycling, Inc. Lubbock, TX
1999 Robert Yaffe The Yaffe Companies, Inc. Muskogee, OK
2000 Phil Morris Morris Recycling, Inc. New Albany, MS
2001 Stan Litman Texas Recycling Dallas, TX
2002 Sam & Marilyn
Hummelstein Iron & Metal, Inc. Jonesboro, AR
2003 Jim Bly J & M Enterprises Artesia, NM
2004 Dick Jaffre TXI Chaparral Steel Midlothian, TX
2005 Harry J. Heinkele Commercial Metals Dallas, TX
2006 Howard Glick Tri-State Iron and Metal Company Texarkana, Arkansas
2007 Clyde and Marvin Selig Structural Metals Inc., CMC Steel Texas Seguin, Texas
2008 Marienne Galamba-Brown Galamba Metals Group Kansas City, MO
2009 Paul L. Gregory
JT (Jake) Gregory
Lee Ronnel
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2010 Kevin Allen
Harold S. Tenenbaum
Four Seasons Equipment
Tenenbaum Recycling Group, LLC
Dallas, TX
Little Rock, AR
2011 Jim AuBuchon Attorney-at-Law Dallas, TX
*Awarded posthumously
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